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Actor Greg Mullavey, whose career has spanned nearly five decades is now focused on giving back to those young people eager to make their mark in theatre, film and television. With a wealth of experience in over 100 theatre productions from Broadway to Anchorage and from Boston to San Diego, and hundreds of tv shows & films, from Gunsmoke to iCarly and from Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice to the award winning short film, The Desperate, he has much to share with new generations of young people.


To that end, Greg has been teaching at Michael Howard Studios in New York, both in their Conservatory’s program and a separate scene study class, and loving every minute of it. “I love the energy young people bring to the work, and the enthusiasm is contagious...it keeps me young and focused. I just got done doing a play a month ago, ‘Ethel Sings’ at SoHo Rep’s Walker Space in TriBeca, and I find that I have to do the same work that I tell my students to do. Many of them came to see me in the show, and therefore I am doubly obligated to do good work...so not only do they keep me young, they also keep me focused on the work. My ‘giving back’ is actually as much about getting as giving.” 


“Often times, my students ask when and how I got started, and when I say seven years old they look at me like WOW!! And immediately they think Broadway, but no; my introduction to the world of ‘theatre’ was first as a batboy on a team in the minor leagues that my father managed.  My dad was a professional baseball player, and eventually coach of both the Brooklyn and L.A. Dodgers...but when I was seven, he was a player/manager and as such I was the designated ‘batboy.’ Talk about theatre...the stage was the playing field, and the two faces of theatre, Drama and Comedy took place in The Play, which in baseball is The Game...and I was in the play, and each time I went to pick up the tossed bat, I stepped into the ‘Play’ on the ‘Stage’ in front of thousands of people and I loved every minute of it. That experience, coupled with my debut as an actor/singer at the same age, not on Broadway, but in a 2nd grade production of a hodge-podge of ‘below the border’ sketches (we were studying Mexico), one of which had me singing the popular Mexican song, ‘Cielito Lindo’. The ‘Game’ and ‘Cielito Lindo’ plus a radio show I did when I was 10, when a director told me I had talent and “please don’t waste it,” were the roots of my desire to pursue a career in the Performing Arts.”


“But being young, you guessed it, waste it I did for the next 9 years. I was a baseball player and played for my high school and college teams.  But in college, I got my next taste of the lights...I got involved with performing sketch comedy, singing, dancing in revue productions, and was bitten permanently. Game On! And the game was New York and theatre and classes, and LA and film, television, and theatre and classes, with teachers like Lee Strasberg, disciples of Sanford Meisner and many others. A lifelong journey of workshops and theatre groups. Studying, studying and many, many years later I am still studying. Reading books, teaching and working on material. Going to classes and workshops, and of course after over 100 plays, hundreds of tv shows and films, and thousands of auditions...putting to work lessons learned through the biggest teacher of all...Experience.

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